BAAS Institute

Baas Institute for Business Finance and Management is dedicated to providing the best in adult entrepreneurship education to the global business community. It knows the best practices in U. S. business and financial management and conveys those concepts and principles to owners, operators, and managers of business entities in the U. S., Latin America, and countries in the European Union.

The Institute represents the educational propensity, focus, and efforts of its Principal and Managing Director, Prof. Roy Franc Baas, a 30+ year veteran of banking, finance, consulting, and professional practice, as well as teaching, lecturing, and coaching at university and adult-business-education levels. Mr. Baas is a former commercial banker who has guided $1 billion to businesses over three decades. In addition, for the last 20 years, he has owned and operated Banking and Business Consultants, a professional consulting firm providing business planning, crisis management, litigation support, capitalization, financing, and other services to business owners and operators in eight states in the U. S. and other locations worldwide.



“Your class taught us what real-world banks are looking for (in funding business loans)”

“There is a lot of interaction between the (participants) and the teacher.”

“The knowledge you imparted to me will never leave me, as it ties directly with what I do for a living.”

“Your expertise and professionalism added meaning and depth to the class.”

“Your (business) experiences … truly enriched the course and put into perspective the value, importance and practicality of the subject matter.”

“I absolutely enjoyed the class.”

“Excellent speaker — entertaining!”